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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Updated Version 1.1

Now this version includes:

-Documentation of port forwarding. With text and screen-shoots from the router web page.

-Default Router passwords.

I would like to thank portforward.com for giving me permission to use their data.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Router Utilities

Version 1.0

This is an application with various utilities for routers.

Currently It has the following features:

- ADSL maximum speed calculation. The application can estimate +-10% the maximum ADSL speed your router should have. This is based on an algorithm which uses also statistical data. You have to find from your router page the downstream attenuation (dB). Then you input this value (dB) you get the distance from DSLAM and the maximum speed you can get based on your line noise.

-Application default ports. With this option you can see what is the  default port for each application. This way you can manual configure the port forwarding into your router webpage.

In the near future I will add two more functions. Which will require internet access.
-Documentation of port forwarding.
-Default Router passwords.
I just wait for authorization to use some data!

Please keep in mind that this application is for people who knows what to do with the data provided! If you cannot use the data or Do not know how... Please do not rate negative..



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